Thursday, April 17, 2008

Praying for Babies

Yesterday was a long workday so once I was done we went for a walk, but accidentally ended up at Got Wine. Well, not really accidentally. But any hoo, we had a tasty German beverage and Allie got 180 treats and boy was she being so obnoxious and hyper. She causes me to lose my patience and I mean fast! I hope that is not a preview to how I will feel when we have little ones.

We went to our marriage class last night at church. It is always fun and the people there are crazy. Crazy in a good way of course! We also learn too. So, we were getting ready to go when I see Faithlynn (Pastor Trail's wife) eyeballing us. I was hoping she was going to ask if we had a prayer request, but fat chance on that one. She suddenly says "So I am praying that you two (meaning us) will have a baby". Well, see, saying things like that usually causes people to turn their attention towards you (us) and then they wait for us to react/respond. Hello!!!!!, no comment. Was a little embarrassed. Then became a joke and we got hit with comments like "you guys have fun tonight when you get home" and things of that nature. Let me remind you, we were at church. Any way, all in good fun even if my face was as red as a tomato (a ripe one that is).

Sean has been diligently working on the kitchen counter tops. They are looking spiffy. I found humor in the fact that he was cutting wood outside yesterday with safety goggles on, but barefoot. Weirdo. I imagined the saw slicing his toes off. I told him the image. He put shoes on.

Last, but not least, there seems to be a little plumbing issue around here. My dad was pretty concerned about it and basically told us that we might be showering with unwanted things in the form of waste products. Well, yippee, can't wait to take a shower. We came out unscathed and now it is time for class, so I hope we don't return home to a big ole poop of a mess.


Becca said...

babies babies babies! have babies! LOL just don't do it before i get one, because then i'd be sad. LOL.

Did you guys hear anything about the house yet?

sbrewner said...

Baby prayers are all around us. I even feel the pressure from strangers now. They all need to just let us be.

Hettie Brewner said...

Hey, you couldn't possibly be sad if we got pregnant! It's too much of a happy time! Don't worry, all will work out for you guys.

We are getting more insurance quotes this morning for the house.

Sean: Don't be poopie! :O)