Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wanna Watch The Grass Grow?

Everything went well with the meet and greet with the dogs and we will probably be pet-sitting, so yay!

After that (and some homework), Sean and I took off on our date day/night. We had FUN! We explored Tarpon Springs. We are seriously considering buying a home up there and so we decided it was best time we got ourselves up there to take a gander since we didn't even really know squat about TS. Well, we likey! We walked around the Sponge Docks area and then the downtown historic district. We also went to the TS winery. The nicest, really in love couple owns the place and boy are they some colorful people. Full of interesting stories...... oh, and they make some great wine. We of course did the tasting and bought a bottle. The kind we bought "makes ya wanna sit out on your front porch and watch the grass grow" or so we were told.

We also got to take a peek at the house we love that we are looking at today with our agent. Here is the link if ya wanna check it out.,3281,2359,3057,3158,3155,2847,2645,3207,3115,2805,3350,1281&searchname=Listings%20In%20Florida&searchdest=%2Fcf%2Flistinglist%2Ecfm%3Fq%5Flistingstate%3DFL%26searchname%3DListings%2BIn%2BFlorida

Oh and by the way, this site in general, I really like. I am beginning to see how much I love the uniqueness and character of old homes rather than new ones. Although, don't get me wrong, if someone hooked me up with a new mansion or just a newbie in general, I would not decline.


sbrewner said...

we may have to watch the grass grow tomorrow. Today will be busy, but we deserve a break after this action packed weekend.

Hettie Brewner said...

I hear ya