Saturday, April 19, 2008

Does A 2 Hour Wait For A Job Application Automatically Get One Hired?

I think we have a better understanding of taxes and homeowners insurance so we will be moving along with the offer. Now, we just have to hope and pray that the 2 inspections go through, that the appraisal is a really good number (sticker price would be best) and that the VA will give us the loan. The house right now is appraised at 108,000 b/c of real estate market. The price of the home is 179,900. Insurance companies get a computer generated # of 254,000 for appraisal value. We hopefully will get it appraised at 179,000 so insurance will be a reasonable price and the VA will give us the loan for the actual sale price. If it is appraised too low, then great for insurance, but not good for trying to get the loan. Not good for resale value either. Jeez, are we learning a lot or what!

Yesterday began or job hunt. Well, we tried to begin it and had mapped out about a dozen or so vet clinics to apply to, but we ended up only being able to apply at 1 place! Apparently PetSmarts have vet hospitals in the backs of their stores. So, we apply to one in Clearwater. Well, we tried to apply. We walk in there and ask the front desk lady for applications. Two hours later, YES 2 HOURS LATER, we get our applications. And not even from her, but another staff member. Okay, so she could not have forgotten us b/c we were sitting right in front of her fotch. Yes, it was busy in the clinic, but ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS HAND US 2 PIECES OF PAPER. Now, other customers were peeved too. The line kept growing and the faces kept looking more and more PO'ed. One lady waited 40 minutes to make an appointment. This lady would not really even acknowledge anyone or say sorry for the wait or anything. I don't know what she was doing. So, we filled out our applications (in 10 minutes) and then went to give them to her. Do you want to know what her response was? "Sorry guys about the wait". What!!!???? OK, so I have had the same job for 8 years and am maybe a little rusty and unfamiliar with the whole filling out job application/hiring process, but this did not seem right to me. It was rather funny filling out the application too. They wanted COMPLETE info on previous jobs. Well, let's see. Taco Bell when I was 16. Neilsens when I was 17. Aurum (which was an illegal marketing company that got shutdown) when I was 18. Best Kids when I was 19. And of course Pappadeaux when I was 20, which I quit b/c hostessing stinks. So, do you think I had numbers and addresses for these places let alone actual dates of employment??? Um, no.

Any way, after that fiasco we came home and watched "Sweetest Thing" and Made Death By Chocolate. That sounds like a cool theme party.

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