Monday, April 14, 2008

Show me the........ poop?

Yesterday was busy, but good. We took care of the little ones at church. They were all pretty well-behaved. Wasn't as crazy as some days.

Then we worked at Bark at the Ballpark. We were pooper scoopers. It rained a little bit, but the game went on. There was a good turnout and many cute pups. I found something very amusing. Yes, pooper scooping is not the most dignifying job, but why do other people find it so darn interesting that we are walking around a stadium picking up dog feces? I mean c'mon. We all poop. Most of us see it daily, some of us more than others, but either way it is there. We circled the stadium probably 15 times in 4 hours in search of cleanup areas and everyone that we passed would just stare and most of them had a comment like "Is business picking up?" or "Better than washing dishes" or "WOW, you got the crappy job!", etc, etc. Aren't people so funny with their play on words? Clever. Oh so clever. People would also show us poop. They would say "Hey there is some over here" and point and escort us over there and then proceed to watch us scoop it up. Then there would be other times were I would notice about 15 folks just standing there watching while Sean is in action. Did anyone actually pay attention to the baseball game? I tend to think not. AND of course every dog that passed us loved us because what else, we smelled like poo. I have to say it was pretty funny. Any way, enough of that.

About the only other thing that was more exciting than that was I finished my micro report last night, yay!


Becca said...

ok so i'm a few days behind on your posts but i absolutely love the older house that you guys are looking at in TS. That is gorgeous! Older houses have so much more charm than newer ones....sure they may need a little more upkeep...but they just don't make houses like they used to huh? And the bathrooms are HUGE! You guys should get it and then when we come to visit we can all be in your new house and party all night till the sun comes up! LOL

Hettie Brewner said...

we are putting in an offer today! Praying it works out!