Thursday, April 10, 2008

Real Live Dorks Up Close and Personal

Our church banquet was fun last night. The food was not that great and it was not cool of my hubby to make me burst out laughing right before prayer, it was hard, but I held back from totally embarrassing myself. Sheesh. I am sure the girl next to me thought it was very Christ-like to be giggling during prayer. Yah right!

We got to know another couple a little bit more last night, which was really nice. We need friends. Accepting applications . Really. We had so many in Cali (well have, not had, just don't keep in touch like I would want) and the same goes for ATL. But here not so much. When I was growing up here, yes, but not now. I really miss those bonds and the fun times of hanging out with other people. I don't know what is wrong with me and Sean. Are we boring? Geeky? Annoying? I'm not sure. I mean I know we can be a little on the dorky side at times, but I think we also have pretty big hearts and really do care for others. Maybe we don't put ourselves out there enough. All I do know is that if we are going to be in FL long- term, we gotta get out there and meet some folks and try to form some lasting friendships. Either that or we will have to go to Plan B. Here's how it works..... We get ALL and I mean ALL of our family and friends to put their money in a big pool and then we buy a compound. Not like a J-Lo compound, but like a place the size of Dunedin. Because if we are all gonna live together, then we will get sick of seeing each other's fotches and we will have to have some personal space. But all in all it would be such a blessing to be surrounded by our loved ones at all times.

Yeah, so which one is harder to achieve? Actually making some friends here or getting all of our peeps to go for the whole compound idea. Hmm, something to ponder.


megan said...

Hi Hettie! Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog (Sean, I've looked at yours too). And you think nobody cared enough! I feel you on the friends post. I went from high school (all about the socializing) to college (living with all your friends-- fun times) to military (all the comraderie-- and you!) to the grown up world of having to make friends, not to mention making time to hang out with them. When I think about it, the adults I know (all the old ones anyway) don't really have friends the way you do when you're younger. So maybe it's a sign of being old, not dorky. Jeremy and I count our family as friends-- we are always hanging out with them. And then we have one couple friend-- they're a really good couple of friends and it's easy because we live on the same block. Maybe you just need to buy that house and you'll meet a whole neighborhood! Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I miss you! It sounds like you and Sean are doing very well-- I'm happy for you.

Becca said...

LOL LOL i just want to let you know that I'm dying laughing over here. You guys are kinda geeky but we don't hold that against you. LOL. As soon as i read 'then we will get sick of seeing each other's fotches' i about died. You know that Joel and I think that 'fotch' should be a word for the no-no area. LOL I was like, why would i be seeing your 'fotch?' LOL i love it. Well anywho...i'm sure you guys will start to make friends soon, you are involved in enough activities to meet 'em. The only reason i have any friends up here is because of Joel's childhood friends. Well if all else fails we'll just move to the compound. :)

sbrewner said...

Love it sweetie! I was smiling a lot while I read your page. Laughing too! We can try to get everyone to get in on this compound, it may be easier than we think. If it's big enough, we could form our own township.... hmm... pipe dream maybe? We'll see.

Hettie Brewner said...

Hi sweet Megan. So good to hear from you. I am glad that you have been keeping up with us. We would love to see you guys put together a blog (hint, hint) so we could know how you guys are doing. We think about you often. Miss you much. Yah, we know older people, some with no friends, some with lots, so who knows. We do hang with the family a lot, so yes they are friends and our neighbors are nice too.

Becca: You are too funny. So my family was in the car one day and I was in the back middle seat and I kindly asked dad and Sean to turn down the AC or redirect the vent elsewhere because it was blowing on my fotch, well Ms. Can't Hear So Well Anymore Grandma says (LOUDLY) air is blowing on your crotch??????!!! HA!! LOL

Sean: Glad I could make you :), although now I got all the pressure of following up with even funnier posts. Great.