Monday, April 28, 2008

Money Hoarders Unite!

I will give a quick update of our Sunday and then on to other things. We took care of nursery babies (had a 3-month-old yesterday!), Geek Squad performed routine maintenance on our CPU and laptop and we went for a LONG bike ride on the Pinellas Trail to Ozona and back. I got hurt because of abruptly using my brakes as to not hit Sean and to turn where he was turning. My back tire went above my head and I bruised my knee. I will live though. Stopped in for a beer on the way back. Then home to study and do laundry. All in all, a fabulous day.

Okay, since the economy is in the crappers right now (at least that's what all the big kids say), I decided to give some money tips that came from the St. Pete Times. So listen up!

1. Avoid danger zone of not having enough $ in emergency situations.
2. Reflect on your housing costs (mortgages, etc).
3. Be wise when it comes to buying new wheels (as in an automobile).
4. Invest in the right kind of insurance (health, life, car, home, etc).
5. View credit card debt as the plague that it is.
6. Don't rely on credit the wrong way.
7. Keep saving for retirement.
8. See the big picture.
9. Seek out reputable help if needed.
10. Understand your money personalities. Go to Sean and I took the quiz. We are both money hoarders! HA!

OK, now for some fun free or free-er stuff:
1. Explore the outdoors.
2. Cook fun and interesting dishes.
3. Go to a museum.
4. Record your family history.
5. Love your library.
6. Help others.

Times are rough now and I know for me I will take all the $ advice I can get, but I also want to get out and do fun stuff and am always looking for a way to do that with my sweetheart without having to spend a ton of money.

FYI: #6 on fun things to do, Sean and I have found the most rewarding!


sbrewner said...

It is a lot of fun even though we have to take a month off :(

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