Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Never Forget Our Military Men and Women

So, we have a dollar store up the street from us that we frequent pretty regularly. I don't know why everyone does not take advantage of these kind of places. I know there are some lousy $ stores out there, but Dollar Tree is good. We save so much money by purchasing some stuff from here. Then we will go to Publix afterwards. It truly is a good deal.

Any way, back to the point. There is a cashier in there, probably in his 40s, who is just the sweetest man. He was in the Air Force and so he really looks forward to talking to Sean when we stop in (because of the military). He does like to talk, for a long time, and it is always a war story or two, and the people next in line never look too thrilled about his excessive gabbiness, but he is just too sweet. Sean used to get a little annoyed by him as well. Last week, Sean was all "he talks forever" after our patronage there, but I said ya know I really like him. So I think Sean thinks differently now. I have no idea and this is only speculation, but ya know this man fought for the US of A and served his time, which he is very proud of, and now he faithfully puts his time in to working at the $ Store. He seems maybe a little lonely. Maybe he really wanted to work at the $ store, maybe it was a goal of his, but I doubt it. He does this job just as honorably as he did his last and he is always so friendly. Not ashamed of where he is in life right now at all, but will never forget where he was. I know that people all over this country have "God Bless our troops" bumper stickers and say how supportive they are towards our military, but really how many people would make time in their day to listen to a war veteran tell a story or two at the local dollar store? I know my hubby and I will. God Bless Our Troops!


sbrewner said...

It is nice to listen to him. I did get a bit annoyed with him at first, but I do appreciate the fact that he recognized me and still does every time we are there. He has invited us to go and join the local VFW and we are sure that we would like to try it out. I am happy that Hettie said something or i may have just kept being frustrated. I understand a bit better now.

Becca said...

Joel and I feel the same way. You see the 'God Bless our Troops' signs everywhere, but how many people ever really stop to think about it. Every time Joel sees a veteran (usually Vietnam) he shakes his hand and says thank you. Those men really missed out on the thanks that they so obviously deserved. When we went to the VA last week for Joel's kidney stones, just looking around at everybody who had been through so much and was suffering mentally or physically, was heartbreaking. It's always fun to listen to older men gab on about random things though, especially when they are a fellow military serviceman. =)

Hettie Brewner said...

I agree with ya'll!

I am glad I said something too, Sean. I think we will enjoy the VFW. How could we not ??? 40 cent beers and crazy stories. Sounds good to me.

Old people are funny!

I know, the VA is very depressing.