Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wash the the bar

I finally got a chance to go to Michael's yesterday for more scrapbooking materials. I did a few pages last night, but I wasn't really feeling any creative juices flowing. I don't feel very creative any way. Like I love to write, scrapbook and decorate our home, but I do it so sytematically. Like I have to have a plan, map it out, pick the best ways to go about it and then do it. That does not sound very creative to me. That sounds like a chore. I wonder why I do that???? My dad said Germans are creatures of order. I am German so I will just blame my heritage on my lack of spontaneity and creativity. I definitely did not inherit my mom's awesomeness at being creative and spunky. It is funny, I realized I would much rather write a scientific paper (which I am in the process of doing right now for micro lab) than write a Humanities paper on other civilizations. I am weird.

We (about time!!!!) were able to walk around downtown Dunedin and go in all the cute little shops and boutiques down there. It was a lot of fun. We spent a good 4 hours or so there. It was so refreshing to be around such nice people. Nowadays, I don't run into genuinely nice people anymore. These people were sincere and just so dang friendly. It made me feel all warm and gushy inside. I don't know why people are so poopy these days. I wonder how I portray myself in public to strangers, or for that matter, to my friends and family. I really hope I come off as being friendly and someone people feel comfortable being around. I think I will try to :P more and say hello to others. Maybe I can improve their day!

So, we are taking care of the babinos in the church nursery this morning. Then I have my scientific paper to write (which will be fun - seriously) and then I will uncreatively scrapbook. HA! We are supposed to take Al to Dunedin Brewery to get her bathed today if the weather holds out. Yes, I did just say that we are taking the dog to get a bath at a bar. They have some thing going on where you get a beer and a dogwash for $7. I just LOL'ed. That sounds goofy. We have been looking foward to it though. Dunedin Brewery has some pretty tasty beers. I especially like the Apricot one. Sounds yuck, but it's not!

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sbrewner said...

Lotsa fun today, too bad no bambinos. Schedule got messed up. Time to go for a dogwash!