Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Painted Toes + Nails = Happy Girl

It's funny what a mani/pedi can do for a girl. I had badly needed to go in for a visit, but haven't had the time, plus we reduced my visits to once a month to save money. I got them done in Chicago last month and they did not do a good job. Any way, I have been staring constantly at my nails and toes, just absolutely disgusted with them. I got to go yesterday and those nail girls were so happy to see me since I had not been in for 2 months. The feeling was mutual, but mine was more selfish. Any hoo, I have gorgeous nails and toes again and it sure can be a confidence booster. Am I shallow or what????

Really that was about the highlight of my day. I won't bore myself or my many readers (ha!) with house talk, work talk, school talk, money talk, etc. today.

I am feeling great today! My tummy is full, it's going to be a gorgeous day out, it's nice to enjoy some peace and quiet, I am with my hubby and dog, work is going well and we have our marriage class at church tonight. All is well! : O) Cheesy!


sbrewner said...

cutie, the nails do look good and our class will be fun. We always look forward to that though. Love you

Becca said...

Ugh, mani/pedi's are the best. We've had to cut mine out entirely but once we get back on our feet i'm going to relish in the idea of getting my nails and toes done. =)

Morgan said...

Yeah, I miss the days of you being in Cali and getting our nails done. It definately can do wonders for us girls. Anyways, love you and hope you are doing great!!!


Hettie Brewner said...

Love you Morgan! It is so nice to see you on here. I miss our girl days too!