Sunday, April 27, 2008


Saturday brought me both good and bad. Good that I got a facial. Always relaxing and always helps with my breakouts. EVERY woman should get microdermabrasion. I am telling you it is a miracle for my skin and not surgery. Who wouldn't do it? Next: Good that we got to spend time at HSP yesterday. Oh so VERY bad that we have to take the next 4 weeks off. I thought I would be okay with it, but I started to get really emotional. I feel like the cats need us there or maybe we need the cats. I don't know. I would like to think it is a a give-take relationship. I know it is what we have to do while I concentrate on getting 80 hours at a vet clinic and Sean works on the house.

We had a great meal with the family at Sam Seltzer's for Michelle's BD. The service and food was way better than the last time we were there. We still had to wait 40 minutes to be seated even though we had a reservation, but that's okay.

We didn't get to bed until 10:30 last night. That's late for us. I tried to sleep in, but couldn't so I got up around 5:30.

Today is Mom's Mike's BD so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I will leave you with 10 things that I am grateful for:
1. My husband
2. My family and friends
3. Our church
4. The beauty of morning time
5. My iPod
6. Jimmy Eat World
7. That micro is over after Tuesday's final
8. Working from home
9. My health
10. Allie

And 10 things I could do without:
1. Being so far away from my family and friends
2. Knowing that Pastor Trail is not doing well
3. Being tired all the time
4. My iPod being fussy all the time and not ever wanting to work and getting all staticky
5. The fact that Jimmy Eat World only graced us with their presence 1 time on a like 50 year tour! What's up with that? Florida haters. But they have been to Cali like 20 times, but of course only once while we were living there.
6. That I have a final on Tuesday in Micro
7. Working. I wish I was rich. Well, not really. Okay, well maybe a little rich.
8. Allie not being able to ever make up her mind whether she wants to be in or outside, which means I let her in/take her out about 50 times a day.
9. That Allie refuses to go potty unsupervised
10. Poop patrol


Becca said...

mmm facial....sounds nice though i've never had one myself. The only 'spa' treatment i've ever had was a massage, and that WAS fabulous.

10:30 though? geeze...old woman. LOL but i guess since you wake up before the sun that that warrants an early bed time. LOL. I'm usually in bed by 10 during the week though.

Did i even tell you that i got an iPod? I joined the technological world! My sister has been given 2 nano's through work, plus an iphone, so she decided that she could part with one so i got on eof the new ipod's fabulous. i understand the iPod obsession/craze now. :)

have a good week!

sbrewner said...

Yes baby, the trip is right around the corner!!! I am excited, it just seems to take longer because I am excited about it. Love you. Nice lists:)

Hettie Brewner said...

You need to get a facial. They are fabulous. So are massages!

Hey, it is not b/c I'm old, which I'm not any way, I just love to get a good night's sleep! :)

I am definitely obsessed with my iPod!

Have a good week too!


Me so excited! Nice pants.