Thursday, April 2, 2009

34 weeks today - woo hoo!

I started to feel crappie again yesterday - too many contractions - and so I was started on an IV bolus where they give me 500 cc of fluid over 1/2 an hour. Well, my IV was not working right, so they started another one. Then my hand blew up to the size of an egg on the top of it under my IV, so that wasn't good and I have a very sore hand today. I did end up getting 1000 cc and the contractions slowly went away. I refused to have an April Fool's baby!!!!! :O)

Today, I have been feeling much better. I am now only going for u/s once a week. That makes me happy and sad. It was a delight to see baby everyday, but it also means that things seem to be going pretty well! YAY for that!

Barbie and Edward came to visit this morning. They decorated my room with Easter eggs and brought me snacks! Very sweet of them.

Joy and Joel (the little one I used to sit for) came this afternoon. He is getting big, almost 4 months. He can hold his neck up! What a cutie! It was very nice to visit with them.

Today, there are a ton of people here and there was talk that I may end up with a roomie, but I think not now because they discharged some of the patients home.

Dad and granny came by yesterday with flowers, Hershey kisses and cookies. Yum!

I have been busy today with visitors and getting to baby stuff online. This day has flown by!

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