Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Thursday - 36 weeks today!!!!

Good morning! Kathy came over to wash all of baby's clothes in Dreft. So this morning I was so excited I couldn't sleep because I got to fold them all and look at them. They are so sweet and little. We have a lot of clothes. It took me an hour to fold them. Most are neutral, some boy, some girl so we have variety.

Sean put our glider together. I like it and it's comfy. I think Sean likes it, but he can't lay back with head support so no napping for him while bonding with baby!

We got great news! We are able to refinance our house. We are currently at 6.5% and can lock in at 5%. That will save us $160- $180 a month on our mortgage payment. We will also get to skip a month while this is being transferred over so no payment for a month, which will be sweet. :)

I called and canceled all of our credit cards now. We got our cashback, paid off all balances and closed them. It is amazing how these companies try so hard to persuade you to keep their card. It was like pulling teeth to get them to close our accounts. If only Dave Ramsey could here the convos I had with these people, although I am sure he wouldn't be that surprised.

Got to see dad a couple of times yesterday, grandma made us dinner last night with a ton of leftovers, Autumn came over and did laundry for us and worked on the nursery, Kari came by today and yesterday to take care of me and Allie, but I still got some good rest in yesterday, nice as always to have the company. I didn't really get any extra time with Sean even though he was off work. He was super busy with dad working on his house, running errands, etc. What a husband!

I am 36 weeks today!!!!!! I wonder if I should weigh myself. I haven't done that since March 5th (the day I went into the hospital). My guess is 135. I started at 110, so that would be 25 pounds. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow. Figure if I'm going to do it, better do it before eating Bfast.


Becca said...

LOL that's like exactly the weight i was at that time. LOL.
You can re-fi already!? That's crazy talk! but cool for you!

Hettie Brewner said...

132 was the weight this morning.

Yes, we were able to re-fi. Maybe it's a little different b/c we have a loan through the VA. We signed the paperwork last night. When we first got the house, our financial loan officer said we would be able to re-fi after 6 months of living here possibly. :O) We are excited and it will save lots each month! Thanks b 2 God!