Saturday, April 4, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies

we got our Munchkin Jelly Bean cargo sling yesterday. It is so cute and I really hope baby likes it! Thanks mama! Also, thanks Becca for recommending it.

Aimee and Mike came to visit yesterday. Barbie brought me Taco Bell and our clean clothes last night. It was delish, but I paid for it later. Every time I burped, Taco bell came up. Eww, but it was worth it. Not to mention all the sodium in Taco Bell, I drank like a gallon of water afterward.

The docs said we have the best baby on the floor b/c our monitor strips always look so good. We are proud parents. Keep it up Baby Brewner. Thank you Lord. 4 babies were born between 3 and 4 a.m. this morning! WOW!

I am not sleeping very good these days. Nurses, peeing, being uncomfortable, and baby moving makes it hard for me to sleep. I experienced the best moment with God around 3 a.m. this morning. He felt right here. It was awesome. He told me not to worry about the nursery, work or being in the hospital. I have also been praying lots about whether we should stick to our decision about not getting back on birth control. I was starting to doubt our decision b/c of all that has happened and b/c of others opinions and "experts recommendations", but God said He would take care of us and not to worry about that either. So, we will not be getting back on any type of BC. I hope I heard Him right and don't end up prego in a couple of months! Or back in the hospital. HA!

Here is an article on my doctor - pretty interesting. She is the one who was in my same room for 10 weeks with placentia previa. Any way, this article is about her 8 children and how she juggles her career, family, etc.

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