Friday, April 10, 2009

April 22, 2009

We are pretty sure we have an official due date! It looks like the C section is scheduled for April 22, 2009. We are so excited and can't wait to welcome our little peanut into this world and show him/her all this love we have to give!

I had 7 visitors at once in my room today! ~ Barbie and her son, Kari and her daughter and Mary and her 2 kids! It was crazy, but fun! They brought me snacks, books and mags and baby got a very cute froggie hooded towel and some crayons and coloring books for a little later when baby gets older.

Last night we got an Easter package from my MIL. She sent us Godiva chocolate, a singing/hopping bunny rabbit and a bunny dish towel. :)

Also, Dad came to visit and I got our 6 piece bedding set from my Aunt Michelle and Aunt Tanya. Love it! We were also surprised with a handmade quilt from my grandma's neighbor that I have known since I was little. It is very pretty and special to me.

The Healthy Families lady came too and brought a bunch of books and mags and baby informative videos.

I am definitely not at a lack of things to keep me occupied. :)

Sean and I did our communion last night and it was very special. Special time with God and special hubby/wife time.

So, only 12 days to go. I pray, pray, pray that God will get us there!

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