Monday, April 6, 2009

More New Moms-To-Be :)

Only 17 days to go until I am 37 weeks! I am excited, but also enjoying every moment and don't want to be in such a rush. I love being pregnant and have a feeling I am really going to miss it. But, we will have our little baby and it will be a whole new life and daily adventure. We have promised each other not to live outside of the day we are in (either past or future) because then the precious moments of the day we are in get overlooked and missed out on.

Our weekend was nice. We watched a bunch of movies. Dad and granddad came to visit on Saturday. We also had 3 pizzas delivered to us by a lady at our church as a surprise. What a sweet idea and something I would never think of! She is the lady who traveled by bus to see us and who also gives Sean sandwiches and snacks for his lunches everyday. God bless her. I had too many contractions again on Saturday, but they finally eased off after about an hour. Baby is doing great. We had an u/s yesterday, which was perfect. Twice a day monitoring has been perfect, too. Baby is all up in my ribs and moving a lot, probably getting irritated about the lack of space in my belly! Baby is also very responsive to sounds and touch now. It is very cute.

Yesterday, Dad brought Allie. She was so excited about the car ride, the trip here from the car, seeing all the new people, all the new sights, sounds and smells, that alas she was not very interested in her mama. She did get on my bed a few times and gave a couple of kisses and sat for a bit, but that was about it. She never gets car sick, but did on the way home - poor dad.

Brandy and Mark came to visit and brought us Checkers and took our laundry to wash. Sheesh - I am gonna get fat eating all this food we keep getting. It is hard to turn down though, seeing as how we are pretty much sick of hospital food. I have memorized their daily menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner at this point.

My nurse yesterday was really urging me to take showers (so overrated!) and to start walking and to go outside because of muscle wasting, but I am just really unsure about it. I feel like things are going really well and I don't want to do anything to mess that up. I certainly don't want to start bleeding again. I feel much more comfortable being in bed most of the time. Plus, the docs have not said anything about me moving around more. So, I have prayed about it and hopefully God can give me some clarity. It's in his hands and something I can't control cuz in the end I could lay in bed the whole time and still things could go wrong.

Today, has started off well. Barbie and Edward came to visit. They came bearing Cheez-Its!! My favorite!!!!!!!!

I am just feeling very happy today!

Also, Congrats to Tiffany!!!!!! Her and Ryan found out on Friday they are having a baby boy. And, to Melissa Rylee - her and Shawn are expecting. She is about 4 or 5 weeks along. WOW, baby boom! Me and Sean had to guess which of our friends are next. I said either Melissa Norris, Morgan or Christa. I think Sean said, well, I don't remember. I heart babies!!!!


Becca said...

Hey if you are ok and not bleeding i'd say don't move around if you don't have to. It's not like your muscles will atrophy or something, LOL.

Glad you got to see allie and congrats to all the baby-mommas!!

Hettie Brewner said...

That's how I feel and I think what God has said too!

Dad said Allie is back to normal and eating again since seeing me! :)

I'm really excited for Tiff and Melissa!