Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So I am at home now! Whoa how things can change in 24 hours. I got home yesterday (Monday) afternoon. Why? How? Well, I will tell you! The u/s on Sunday showed evidence of a moved placenta, so the docs decided to do a more reliable transvaginal u/s yesterday. It showed that my placenta is 1.5 cm away from my cervix. So, now my placenta is low lying, but not previa. Before it was over the os of my cervix. C section for April 22nd has been canceled. Now, docs would like for me to go to 39 weeks and then have a C section. However, my placenta could still move away from my cervix, so if it does and it goes 2 or more cm away, then I can have a normal delivery. I am on strict bed rest at home. I can get up to potty and that be it. I was very uncomfortable with the fact that I was coming home and leaving the safety of the hospital, but since getting here I feel much better. Of course, I was worried yesterday, which caused a bunch of contractions. I am staying relaxed today. i am confined to the upstairs in our bed (oh how I missed our bed) so Sean got snacks and Bfast and drinks and meds put together bedside. Kari came by and walked Allie and made me a sandwich. I slept horribly last night; up every half an hour. Guess I was used to the hospital. I am also allowed to go back to my original docs and hospital if I so choose.

The weather is crazy today. We have had tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms. We need the rain though because we are running out of water around here and we're on water restrictions.

My friends came over last night to put my nursery together. They did such a great job and I really appreciate it. Sean and I got to baby sit Joel while Joy was doing my nursery with the other girls. Well, more Sean than me! So, things are coming along in baby's room. :O) I did go look once and it looks nice! I wanna go back, but know I really shouldn't. We also got a ton more stuff yesterday - a beautiful bassinet (gonna give the other one that we had back) that is Eddie Bauer, perfect neutral colors and wood and just gorgeous and free. Becca sent us a box of goodies that was much needed and appreciated (clothes, diapers, bottles, breast-feeding stuff, etc). Joy brought over gowns and Tees and onsies and baby meds. Barbie bought us a bunch of clothes and blankies, towels, washcloths, diapers. Probably got more, but can't remember. So grateful! My work friends gave me money and diapers and a book (so sweet!) Things are coming together.

Allie is happy to be home!

Gotta go! Faithlynn and Pastor Trail are here~


Becca said...

Oh wow! Well that's awesome! Congrats on everythign looking up for you. I know that you'd like to have a normal delivery so hopefully things keep getting better for you and you can do that!

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks babe!!! We will see where He takes us next! Have an app with my old OB on Friday and then an u/s with the specialists down at Bayfront next Tuesday.