Sunday, April 19, 2009

Enjoying R&R

Sean and I have been enjoying our weekend together. He stayed in bed with me most of the day, except to do some housewife chores. We watched Don't Mess with the Zohan, which I DO NOT recommend, and Shrek the Halls. TBS runs movies all day long on the weekend, as well, so we watched Clueless and Housesitter. Kathy came over with drawer dividers, hangers, drawer liners, a rod to hang the valence and a picture for the nursery and then worked on that for a while. The drawers look good! Two other ladies from church came over to give us presents. We got a really cute album that stores greeting cards given to baby and an awesome bath center. We already had one, but this one is WAY better. My dad and grandparents came over last night. Granny wanted to see the nursery. She for sure thinks there is more than one baby in my belly! They were surprised at all the stuff we have for BB and how nice it all is. Can I say thankful one more time?

I had a freak out prego moment yesterday. Sean was putting away laundry and he put his shorts in his sock drawer. I kindly asked him to put them in the drawer below, which is the shorts drawer. He dismissed me and didn't do it. I started to cry (almost) and biotched about why do I spend all this time keeping the house nice and organized if you don't even appreciate it or care??? I probably totally scared him. I think I was taking my frustrations out on him because it is VERY hard for me to rely on everyone else to do things for me. I am so independent. It is hard to ask for stuff. It is hard to sit here and not be able to clean, do laundry, put the nursery together, cook, etc. I'm over it now. I am going to enjoy all this pampering while I can; won't be long til peanut is home and consuming all of my time, energy and attention!

I still am not sleeping very well b/c of bathroom breaks, having to take meds at 3 a.m. and just being uncomfortable. At 3 this morning, alarm went off, took my meds and peed and then realized something. The iron prescribed to me from Bayfront was not at Walgreen's, so Dr. Paolillo gave us a bunch of free samples on Friday, but didn't tell us dosage and frequency. So here we have been still taking two a day like Bayfront had told us, but with a different brand and dose. So I freaked out that I have been overdosing on iron and hurting me and baby. It made it really hard to fall back asleep. Finally I did. Woke up and first thing I did was research it. I think we are OK. Its been quite confusing to be under the care of like 4 different doctors!

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