Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Day

My spirits were down yesterday. I was feeling pretty lonely and miserable. I didn't get really any phone calls (OK well a few) and only 2 visitors. I shouldn't complain, that's a blessing. I was just feeling all woo is me. Through prayer and a much needed pep talk from my husband, I feel much better today and very happy. Thankful and content - here I a feeling sorry for myself, when I should be looking at all the wonderful things I have like a healthy baby still inside of me, wonderful hubby, family and friends and church family and I am in a safe place where they are taking good care of me. I have an important job - to be an inkie!

So, the travel system we got that was supposed to come with the free base, well the extra base wasn't in there. After a long fight with Sears (which Barbie took care of, thank goodness, because I might have gotten a little too stressed about that and had some contractions), Barbie goes today and wah-la we have our free base. She thrives on that kind of thing, so good for her!

Dad said that since Allie visited me, she is back to normal and eating again!!!

I will post some pics a little later.


Becca said...

Oh good! Allie is bck to herself after seeing that momma is indeed ok :)
So they didn't include the free base at first? That's dumb but i'm glad that you were able to get it in the end!

Hettie Brewner said...

Poor Allie has had such an ordeal and then when we do get to bring her home we will have baby with us!

So we have the complete system with 2 bases. We love it. Sean put the stroller together at work. The car seat is really nice. I can't believe the deal we (more like my grandparents) got.