Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's started out pretty fantastic-o

Good morning! It's beautiful here. Sean is working. I am enjoying a quiet time with the lap top, morning news, an active baby and a sleeping pup. I think Sean works til 12 today.

We got our bunny mobile yesterday. It looks awfully cute. We turned it on (it plays music and rotates) and Allie was barking at it. It was funny. We also got a box of goodies from our friend's daughter. It was filled with bottles, a drying rack, nipples, caps, a couple of things that I don't know what they are, some toys, a bottle warmer and I think that's it.

Aimee visited yesterday. The girls from work got us more diapers. :)

I guess that's about it. Our night flew by. Allie had her spa evening, which she hates, we watched some movies and just hung out.

While Sean was giving me my bird bath, he started laughing at the size of my belly (of course). So, I asked him "Did you think I would get this big?" and bless his heart, he almost made me cry, he said "Not at 30 weeks". That is one of the few times he has expressed how scared he was for our little baby. I mean I know he was, but you know guys and their lack of communicating emotions sometimes. He, too, was scared we would never even get to 31 weeks and here we are at 37 with a ginormous belly! So, I said, "Well before everything happened did you think I would be this big?" He said he had hoped so. What a husband, even if it was a lie! ha!

Oh, and I am convinced that my pedicures monthly are DEFINITELY not a waste of money. My poor feet look horrible. All dry and cracked and flaky. Great image I know. It can't be from anything else, but my lack of pedis, because I sit in bed all day with socks on and lotion them up nightly. I can't wait to visit my nail place!

I think I am going to try to update my blog pics.

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