Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunny Day

Yesterday was super busy. I had a ton of visitors - Kari walked Allie and made me lunch, Pastor Trail and Faithlynn came over with a bunch of food and cards from church, Faye and Angele came by to visit and brought over lots of stuff. I got a grooming kit, nursing bras, baby Tupperware, diaper rash cream, baby gowns, bath time stuff, teethers, donuts, Easter chocolate and maybe more?

Sean is off work today and helping dad with the 80 year long remodeling on the house. The glider came in and so they went and picked it up and now it is here waiting for Sean to put it together. Sean LOVES to do that kind of stuff.

I have two doc apps coming up. One on Friday with our original OB and then one next Tuesday with the specialists down at Bayfront (u/s appointment).

Faithlynn brought me breakfast in bed this morning! Our fridge is getting filled with food, which will make it so much easier for Sean. He is a busy bee, taking care of me, working, being a house-husband. Thank Heaven for wonderful husbands and family and friends!!!!!!!

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