Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just Things

Sean and I have been bickering a lot about nothing important. We had another long talk last night and I am really excited because I think things are much better now. I grabbed his hand this morning, held it and told him we need a start over. So, we are happy to have a new beginning. Things can get all a little stressful with the current situation, but we need to remember to stick together instead of push each other away during these times. We have too much to be thankful about.

Ellie came to visit yesterday and brought us yummy Easter cookies.

As painful as it was, I wrote a check to the IRS for $1293.00 and another $250.00 for the accountant. We are not sending it out until the 14th, but it is basically done.

Sean went back to Bay Area Pregnancy Center today and got 4 bags of clothes for both 0-3 and for preemie. Some are girl and some are boy. We will just return the ones we don't need. We also got some blankets. I am excited to see what we got when Sean gets here after work.


Becca said...

Joel and I went through that when Kenzie first came home. It's a wonderful time when you bring home the new baby, but it's also a BIG change. Hopefully since you guys are giong through this now, you'll bypass anything else.

We owed the IRS $1200 two years ago, and another $400 this past year. Thank GOD we finally got some back this year though. Next year we will all be doing much better with out little miniature tax deductions...LOL right?

Hettie Brewner said...

I know Sean and I can get through ANYTHING. I don't think there can be anything much harder than a 7 month deployment in a first year of marriage. Or if there is harder, I pray we don't have to experience it! :)

Taxes, taxes, taxes! :(