Thursday, April 23, 2009

37 weeks!!!!!!

Woo-hoo! I am 37 weeks today! Full-term baby! How exciting is that!? Baby is all snuggled in my ribs today. Ouchies!!! I was feeling pretty nauseous and head-achy last night, but thankfully sleeping helped and it was gone this morning.

Kathy brought us over our Bunny Meadow lamp. It looks gorgeous. Kari brought us over more diapers and hangers, so I was super excited to hang the rest of the 0-3's and get them hung. She also got us a musical light up rain forest thing-a-ma-bob for the crib that is supposed to soothe baby. We likey! We got more of the Bunny Meadow crib sheets, too. I really have to say I am very pleased with the theme and bedding we picked! :)

We packed our hospital bags last night and are all ready to go, whenever that day may be. We even got baby's homecoming outfits together. We picked a boy outfit and a girl outfit. Thanks Becca cuz we are using the little pink outfit you sent us if it is a girl, that is!

My fingers are sore from typing and mouse clicking so much today. I am getting a gajillion addresses together for announcements and thank-you's. BIG task! I planned on waiting until after BB was here, but figured I better get a head start on it since I am on bed rest now and needed a ton of addresses. Sean asked me to look into announcements today - still gotta do that.

Oh! So my grandma called me today and she called me the Octomom because of my big belly. I LOL'ed, but then I realized that certainly was not a compliment! She is silly. She said it was good cuz that means baby is healthy. Octomom! WOW!

Okay,lunch is here - yum Firehouse subs! I'm starved!


Becca said...

LOL isn't it funny how BIG people think pregnant women are in the end? I mean yeah...we all get HUGE because there is a 7 pound person in there! LOL.

Hettie Brewner said...

I guess our size beforehand kinda doesn't help. You and me were both teeny, so any little bit of tummy is noticeable, but a ginormous one is shocking! Not complaining though - hopefully I will find that teeny girl again.