Monday, April 13, 2009

Ginormous Mama and Baby!

We had an ultrasound yesterday. Baby weighs 6 lbs 5 oz + or - 17 ounces so really could range anywhere from 5 lb 4 oz up to 7 lb and some oz. Everything looked great on u/s. We got a cute pic of baby's nose and mouth. Baby was moving lots yesterday so it was hard to capture the little peanut.

Yesterday was the first day I felt absolutely ginormous, like I grew overnight seriously!!!!! I could not get comfortable all day. Baby was everywhere - in ribs, on the sides and in the middle and lower abdomen all at once and moving all day long. Hard to breathe! Hard to eat even though hungry. But so worth it! Love it anyway. I am crazy I know. But it just means baby is growing and I just love the feeling of having our baby inside of me.

We had a good Easter. Dad came to visit and brought Easter presents. We had an Easter dinner here from the cafeteria that actually tasted pretty good. We watched Passion of the Christ (what a powerful movie) and did a lot of Bible study and watched Sermon on the Mount. We just really enjoyed spending the day together. My doctor brought me a huge bag of Reece's and a huge bunny!

Sean is already here and going to work from here today, yay! He only went to into the office from like 7 to 9 this morning. Love having him here.

Gotta get off the laptop soon though so he can have it for work.


Becca said...

Oh yeah...i remember the 'what happened last night' feeling! Yours came a little later though. On the plus aren't having to walk around on swollen feet! yay! LOL

Hettie Brewner said...

Yah, but you didn't have to recondition your body to actually walk, lean over, go upstairs, etc!