Thursday, April 9, 2009

35 weeks today!

Autumn and Faithlynn just left after a nice visit. They also brought clean clothes and took the dirty. I know I express this often lately, but I just can't say it enough, how blessed we are to have such wonderful people in our life. They brought us an Easter basket, too. :O)

You should see the all the free clothes we got from the pregnancy center yesterday. 5 bags full! 3 bags are boy clothes for newborn and 0-3 and 2 bags are girls NB and 0-3. I may be totally wrong, but when I looked at the boys clothes, I just felt it in my heart. It is hard to describe. But I just felt like aaawww these will be on our little baby boy. Looking at the girls clothes, on the other hand, was like oh cute, but these we will be returning. I am going to be pretty surprised if we have a girl. I don't care either way, it is just my feeling it is a boy. We hope to have LOTS of boys and girls, God willing! The quilt we got is really cute. It is made by a Christian grandmother who donates them to the pregnancy center. It takes her a month to make each one.

Faithlynn also brought Sean and I communion, which we will do tonight. I am excited for that. :O)

HAPPY THURSDAY! I am 35 weeks today!

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