Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's All About the Benjamins

My appeal went through with school! I had to withdraw, but it was way after the refund drop date, so we appealed that, asking for money back b/c of the extenuating circumstances. So, since they approved it, we will be get $360 back. It's dad's money, but he said to just keep it and apply it to the next classes I register for.

We have started to get a good amount of hospital bills in. So, we called our insurance agent and he guided us in what we need to do. Sean got on United's site today to look at my account and sheesh I'm (and munchkin) expensive! It's at about $100,000 right now! We owe about $2,000. Thank the Lord we have insurance! It's crazy what some of the charges are for - $500 every time I checked into the hospital, about $350 every day the specialists came in to talk to me for 5 minutes or less, $1,000 for 2 ambulance rides, etc. So, $2,000 out of pocket is way better than $100,000, but we are still hoping we can get some help. I have applied for Medicaid and am awaiting to hear if they accepted me. Also, we heard from Daniel and Jen that we can call the contributions department at the hospital and sometimes they will take off the debt you owe them. We are actually relieved to see how much was covered, it makes $2,000 not seem so bad. And they did cover me the whole time I was here, which is great, since there was some issue with them saying they wouldn't cover from April 2nd on because they felt I was well enough to go home.

Mama got us the bunny mobile - thanks mom!!! xoxoxo Kathy got us the lamp, so yay for that!

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