Friday, April 17, 2009

Back with Dr P!!!

More gifts! Sean's ex girlfriend and her ladies church group sent us lovely gifts. Yah, I know that sounds weird (Sean's ex), but it's not at all. I think she reads this blog, so thanks Christi, we really appreciate it!! And pls thank the other ladies. The gifts were very thoughtful and it was cool cuz there was stuff in there for me too, not just baby, which usually it's all about baby, which of course is fine. :) I know I won't remember everything in there, but there were onsies, book, a water mat, bath time stuff, blankets, paci, sun shade and they gave me chap sticks, Palmer's lotion, journal, parenting book. It was fun to go through and see all the stuff. The little Pooh onsies are adorable.

We signed our re-fi paperwork last night. We will get to save $173 a month. Yippie!

I weighed myself this morning. I'm at 132, started at 114 pre-prego so that's a grand total of 18 pounds.

We went to my original OB today. Wow, it felt like I had run a marathon by the time I left there. All I did was a bit of walking. Scary! If we do get to deliver normally, how will I even have the energy??? Oh, but God will see me through, I know. Any way, the appointment went well. They wanted to do the Group B strep, but I had that done already. They also wanted to test for chlamydia, but we said no, since it is an internal exam. We aren't worried about it b/c I have been tested before and of course b/c me and Sean are faithful, but next week, since I will be 37 weeks, we will probably get the test done. We just didn't want it today b/c of a chance of bleeding. Next week, I am supposed to stop the terb (med to control contractions) since it is OK to have contractions then and the doc said if I do and start to bleed and we need to deliver, then OK, cuz at 37. We will see what happens. So, yah, we will probably do the test next week. We of course got to hear baby's heartbeat. Fundal height was 35, which is a little under. It is supposed to correspond with the # of weeks I'm at so 36. Dr. Paolillo said it looked as if I had lost weight in my fotch. I don't see it. I feel huge. I said I know my tummy is big, and he said well baby is doing his own thing, so I guess maybe a teeny bit of concern that baby is stealing all my nutrients. I eat.....A LOT. And a lot of good healthy stuff, but also bad stuff like snacks and daily chocolate. I really do feel huge. He said to "eat good" and it's like I eat when I am hungry and usually, but not always, stop when I feel full (sometimes I continue to stuff my mouth after I am feeling full). I am not going to worry about it and just eat. I thought for sure I was like 150 #s, what with bed rest for 6 weeks and counting and hospital food and my 3rd tri craving for chocolate.

Allie is still acting strange and not eating well. We figured out why I think. When she saw me leave the bed this morning and function like a normal human being by walking and actually leaving the house, when we got home she was super excited and followed me around, wagging her nub, jumped on my legs when I sat down, just thrilled to see her mama moving around and not looking so ill. But, now I am back in bed and she looks a bit depressed. I think she has resorted to the fact that she will just join me instead of fighting it, as she has been in her bed all morning and she usually doesn't do that.

Sean made me yummy breakfast and now is back at work. We are at weekly doc appointments now, so we will be back next Friday and this Tuesday is the all important u/s to see if my placenta is migrating north (pray not south!)

It's great - 9 months preggers now! :) What a journey!


Becca said...

isn't it crazy to think back on the journey...seems like only yesterday you got the + on the stick, but then it also feels like forever ago oddly too.
Congrats on reaching 9 mos and praying for a northerly track on the placenta! LOL
Oh and we've talked about this before, how fotch sounds like it belongs somewhere else, and when you're talking about your OBGYN doc and your really doesn't help things. I still thought to myself...WHY is her dr. saying she lost weight in her 'fotch?'

Hettie Brewner said...

Too funny. Me and Sean are laughing! Fotchie, fotchitie, fotch.

It does seem time has gone slow and fast. It's crazy!

Dad said, well, it is spring time and bird migrate north, so shouldn't placentas, as well?????